FL Studio 10 has been launched

FL Studio 10 has been launched couple of weeks back. Here is the announcement:


Features of interest to me in this new version include:
- Export score sheet as a PDF file
- Autosave your project every 5 mins
- Newtone (demo) - Pitch and time editor
- Pitcher (demo) - Pitch correction and harmonizer
and many more.

Before discovering FL Studio, my sounds were quite amateurish. FL Studio was the first software I used to produce really good sounding music. It is quite easy to use FL Studio. You can even start by downloading a free trial version with restricted functionality. And the best part is once you buy a version, you will get life time free updates for even subsequent versions in future.

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Good luck. Ping me if you want any help with FL Studio. I will be glad to share whatever I know.


  1. Wish you good luck for $1010 Ramesh :)

  2. Thank you Jerald. I am OK with even the 5th prize of $210 :)