Raag Revathi in Films

Revathi is the first raagam that I learnt on my small keyboard 10 years ago. Here is the arohanam and avarohanam:

a: S R1 M1 P N2 S
A: S N2 P M1 R1 S

Western notations: C C# F G A# C

This is not used much in films may be due to the classical / devotional flavor. The first film song I knew in Revathi is the "Ye Mera India" from the film "Pardes". It is a very good composition in Revathi. It suits the patriotic flavor too very well.

Other songs in Revathi include:

- Sangeetha Jaathi Mullai (1st half)
- Mandhira Punnagai from Manal Kayiru
- Some portions of Vizhigal Medaiyaam... Julie I love you from a Mohan film, Kilinjalgal
- And the more recent title song from "Naan Avan Illai"

I was listening to the Naan Avan Illai song, kaakha kaakha, today morning on Radio and hence this blog post. It was interesting how the composer, Vijay Antony, had used Revathi for a peppy song.


  1. hey
    after a long time.. sounds good with a good info..

    ya revathis gives some sad flavr also.. i like M.S.Ss Nanathi bhathku song.. mmm

  2. Thanks Adiya. The only classical numbers I know in Revathi are "Bho Shambo" and "Janani Janani Janani".

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      the composer of janani janani in raga revathy by vidwan kadalur subramanyam

  3. hey

    ya i forget Bho-Sambo/Maharajapuram Santham. amazing song.. yes. .i didn;t know janani janani .. let me listen now.

    Hey thanks for the ReethiGowla Pointers. .. ya its sounds like RG only. ( means i am not a carnatic person and digesting raga takes some time for me )

  4. hey

    i checked with my friend for Chudithar song.. but we are still debating its ReetiGowla or Anandhabhariavi..

    will buzz once i got it..

  5. Ramesh ,
    I guess Janani janani is in kalyani.

  6. Madhu,

    I am not talking about ilaiyaraaja's janani janani. That is definitely in Kalyani. I was talking about the carnatic song Janani Janani Janani, which is in Revathi.


  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Hi Ramesh,

    I am looking for the song Janani Janani Janani Jagakarani poorani, naraniye. Can you let me know where I can download it and if you have it can you please send it to rajagopala_007@yahoo.com



  8. Hi,

    The Janani Janani song mentioned can be listened to in the below URL.


    Thanks to Ramanathan for sharing this with me.


  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    There's one 'idhu one-day match kanoo' in Kannada. It's an Upendra song, and you would agree after listening to it that Revati need not indeed sound "classical" at all. :)

  10. Thanks anon. Will listen to it when I find time. Do you have any online link to that song?

  11. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Revathi is a lovely ragam, with depth and an austere flavour. I didn't realize that Mandira Punnagai could be in Revati. Nice post!

  12. Anonymous5:00 PM

    There are few songs based on revathi in telugu
    1. "Jhummandi Nadam" From siri siri muvva
    Music KV Mahadevan
    2. "Vedam la ghosinche Godavari" from Andhra Kesari- Music by Satyam

  13. sujith4:03 PM

    hai ramesh i am sujith from thrissur district of kerala...i read your post and its good...actually i was looking for some krithis in revathy...i would like to get the song nanati and bho shambo...

    there are some film songs in malayalam and they are very beautiful indeed. if you have the above mentioned songs plz send to suttusiva@gmail.com...also if you need the songs in revathi in malayalam i will send it for you....thank you

  14. hi,
    this is a nice post. I like it.
    there is another song in raag revathi sung by Maharajapuram Santhanam which goes like "Aparathi naanalla Aparadham enakilla". that is a good one too.

  15. Thanks Gayathri for sharing the information.

  16. will u plz edit it.....
    "Revathi" has N1.........
    u mentioned N2.....

    and plz dont mention in single scale "c".
    ppl reading dis may go wrong

    dear frnd add dis also........
    moham ennum ......sindhu bairavi(film)

  17. @jai: Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comments. I use the following notation for the swaras and that is why it is mentioned as Ni2 : http://www.tfmpage.com/notes/leg.txt

    Why do you think people will go wrong with scale C?

    Mogam ennum song is not Revathi. It is Raag Kanakangi. You should have noticed both the Rishabams in the song.

  18. Rajaraman5:00 PM

    Hi Ramesh can you tell me janani janani song composer... i heard that song from Dream journey-kadri gopalnath(Fusion) and from Nithyashree (youtube) ----Rajaraman

  19. @Rajaraman, no idea.

  20. Pls, can you tell me where i can download the song "Devasabhathalam" from "his highness abdullah" ?

  21. Hi Gayathri, no idea.

  22. HI guys, My name is Bala Iyer - from bangalore. There is one other raaga - Ranjani which also gives the same seduction like the revathy raaga. If you all have any good songs on ranjani raaga pls forward to me - vishybala@gmail.com

  23. Anonymous8:56 PM

    hi my name is Nirmala rama chandran . I want to get some songs in Valachi raaga in Malayaalam ,Thamil and hindi[ film songs] . Plse forward the same id- nimmipournami@gmail.com i think the song..old one '' kaadaru maasam naadaaru maasam..is the song in Valachi?I have some doubt...

    1. "kaadaru maasam naadaaru maasam" it is in Valaji. Another malayalam song is from the malayalam movie Minnaminnikoottam- song- "Thaarajalam". Another popular song is Poovili poovili ponnonamai.

  24. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Hi Ramesh,

    My name is Prasad. As I know there is a song from Kannada movie Ashwamedha " Hrudaya samudra kalaki" this is in Revathi.

  25. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Hi Gayathri,
    This is Prasad from Bangalore. You can download "devasabhatalam" fro his highness abdulla from "gosong.net/devasabhathalam.html"
    in this website and its free.

  26. Thank you visitors for sharing your thoughts.

    Nirmala: I don't have any idea.

  27. Ramesh,

    Not sure if this thread is still active, but will post anyway.

    But I was listening to Bho Shambho and learnt about the Revathi raagam.

    I wonder if the following song could also be of this raagam?


    Jai Ganesh

  28. Thank you Jai Ganesh for sharing this. Yes it seems to be in Revathi raag.

  29. Anonymous1:49 AM

    hello ramesh: I am new to music raagas but I am desperate to understand the swaras of raagas. can you explain R1, R2,G1,G2, G3 M1, M2, DHA1 DHA2,N1,N2, N3 etc. what are shuddh 'ma' and tivre 'ma' and the rest please. I want to understand correctly. the 'ma' is the most confusing note. Please explain for me. thanks a million.

  30. Anonymous10:21 PM

    The malayalam song "Kudajadriyil Kudikollum Maheswari" about Mookambika is a classic Revathi song, from film Neelakadamba. Music by Ravindran. One of the best in this category..