Guess this song

Can you guess this song? I have set a different orchestration to this tamil song.

Please click on the play button to listen to the song.


Song I hate - Dhol Bhaje from Deepavali

One of the recent songs that I hate, is the song "Dhol Bhaje" from the Tamil film "Deepavali". I really don't know whether it is the tune or the lyrics. But I HATE it a lot. The picturisation would also be funny with the villain dancing along.

Guess the interludes

Ajitha Watal posted a link to the following blog:

In the above blog, Sonata posts interludes of songs and quizzes the bloggers daily on tamil songs. It is really a nice one. I used to be fascinated by certain interludes or portions of interludes (esp. Ilaiyaraaja's) and it is a good way to share those with the world.

I have also changed the embedded player from odeo to esnips in my previous blog post. Now it plays the song properly. Let me know your views about it.