Indian Keyboards

More than a month back, I had been to Sapthaswara Musicals in Mylapore to get some voice mics to aid in our practice sessions for the Inter Corporate Music Competition. I saw the demo of a new Yamaha Keyboard there. The model number is PSR I425. This contained certain indian instrument tones in addition to western instruments. The indian instruments included 2 types of sitar (very good), harmonium (single reed, double reed and triple reed - very good), sarod (not impressive), bansuri (OK), Tanpura (good) and indian percussions like tabla, dhol, mridangam, etc (very good). More information is available at

There were also some indian style accompaniments like bollywood mix, bhangra, Qawwali, Bhajan, indian pop and even a tamil folk beat (which was basically a 6/8 beat which lacked punch). There are around 12 such styles. The accompaniments were not impressive.

The western instrument tones such as the piano was not that good. However I did not check the other instruments. The brochure says amazingly realistic sounds. So may be you should check yourselves if you are looking to buy one. It had a pitch bend, which was absolutely necessary to serve the indian classical market. You can plugin your USB drive too to store or transfer songs or recordings.

This Yamaha keyboard was priced at around Rs. 19,000/-. That was quite expensive I felt. The salesman told that this was made exclusively for india and hence it won't be available in other places like Singapore. One had to buy in India only.

There is a new model from Casio too serving the indian market. The model is CTK-810IN. I did not check it out, but I was told that the Yamaha model was better than Casio. In addition to western tones and accompaniments, it has around 15 indian tones and 7 indian rhythm accompaniments. The Casio costs around Rs. 12,000/-. It can store songs and information in an SD card in addition to the USB port available. Technical specifications at:

I always thought why they couldn't reproduce an indian classical instrument on the keyboard. Even drum pads have such tones in them for long. This is a welcome move and I hope it gets better and more affordable. Ofcourse it can't come close to a live instrument, but something is better than nothing.

Check out the brochures of these 2 models:

Casio Model
Front page:
Back page:

Yamaha Model
Front page:
Back page:

I basically have a very modest Yamaha PSR 350 at home. It is more than sufficient for self learning or practicing at home. But for stage performances, it is not a good choice.

UPDATE (Feb 7, 2010): Here is a nice comparison between Yamaha PSR i425 and Casio CTK 5000 (another indian focused model) -

UPDATE (Dec 18 2011): I noticed an advertisement on The Hindu (dated Dec 17 2011) regarding a new model of Casio with Indian Instruments. The models are as below:

CTK 4200 - Rs. 10,000
CTK 3200 - Rs. 8,500
CTK 2200 - Rs. 6,400

And here is the advertisement:


  1. bryan5:19 AM

    Thanks a lot for your review. I was planning to buy one, but I will rather go for PSR S-500 now... I would have bought if it was exceptional. And I also need user style which i guess is missing in the I425. Anyway, indian classical music can never be replicated electronically.

  2. Thanks Bryan for dropping by. Yes it is very difficult to replicate indian classical music electronically. All the best!

  3. Hi Ramesh,

    This Amol from Hyderabd. I am also planning to buy a Yamaha Keyboard. I have seen Casio CTK 810 & 900, but most of the people are suggesting not to buy casio keyboard.

    So if you could suggest any model from Yamaha keyboard among PSRe 413 or i425 or any other model would be helpful for me. I am looking for a keyboard with Indian tunes within price range of 15,000 to 20,000

  4. Hi Amol,

    Thanks for dropping by. Generally for keyboards in your price range, Yamaha is almost always preferred over Casio. Regarding the specific models, I don't have much information. It is good to check out the stores, or read reviews on the internet before buying.


  5. Thanks Ramesh, I need to check it out in stores but the problem is that people dont keep it in stores, once you buy it, they put the order and makes it available for you.
    I will get this information through blogs only, thank you very much for the guidence.

    Thanks & regards,

  6. Anonymous4:23 AM

    HI REMESH, this snraaja from chennai mylapore, i am planing to buy a keyboard for stageprogrem, what your sugesting me yamaha or korg and modlno. but my butget around 20000/=

  7. @snraaja: I believe KORG keyboards will be costlier. I have no idea about modlno. May be you need to check out the various models in stores to find out which suits you better.

  8. Madhur2:32 PM

    Guys if you wana go for keyboard, and you are between starter to average, close your eyes go a head and grab YAMAHA PSR I425. It is rocking with superb sound!!!! Cost you btw 15000 to 16000.

  9. Hi Ramesh, Raghu here from Calicut, Kerala. As you mentioned, I too have heard about the new Casio CTK 8100IN, which caters to the Indian market. I visited two music shops here in town, and though they say it is selling fast, you cant take the opinion on face value - it could be their business tactics. But one of my friends told me that this model was talked of highly by one who plays for recordings and on stage.

    I have a Yamaha PSR 290 with me, and for one who is not a professional, I believe it is more than adequate for me. Somewhow, people have an aversion for Casio keyboards, mainly on the point of the quality of tones.

    Please feed me on more remarks and reviews on CTK 810IN.

    Bye for the time being.

  10. Thanks Raghunath for sharing your experiences. Even I hear that people have an aversion to Casio keyboards due to the quality of tones. I will let you know if I get more information on CTK 810IN.

  11. Hello Ramesh,

    I wish to learn how to play the piano, and i was wondering if you guide me as to which keyboard is suitable for beginners.


    P.S I do not wish to invest more than 10K.

  12. Abhik, Kindly check out Yamaha PSR models with touch response functionality. You can check out other models too.

  13. Anonymous12:23 AM

    hi ramesh
    i m planning to buy CTK810IN please give me some information.
    My budget is between 10000-15000

  14. Anonymous2:05 PM


  15. Anonymous2:06 PM

    my e-mail id is

  16. hi Ramesh,

    Must tell you .... your blog is v.informative.

    I already have yamaha psr78 : basic but 61 keyed.

    now i wanted to go for a higher one. 2 choices :

    Yamaha i425 / Casio CTK-810in

    Questions :

    1) Yamaha costs around 21,000
    Casio costs 11000

    Is yamaha worth for money ( 10000 more)

    2nd) I was given an option of Roland E09 from the salesman, is one of the contemporaries of CTK410in and i425 ? Does is also have Indian touch ? I couldnt find ne such thing on the specs though

    3) Do i have any other option ?

    Your inputs will be very valuable. Please suggest me.
    Thanks you,

  17. Hi Uday,

    As I said in previous comments, I don't have any more information other than the ones mentioned in the post. So I think you would need to check out the models yourselves and then decide based on what you want and your budget.


  18. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hi Ramesh,
    Yamaha I425 is available in Yamaha Showroon at Abu Dhabi and the price is AED 1440 (around Rs.18,500). The salesman had lied that it is available only in India.


  19. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Hi ramesh

    My son is learning WC and fond of buying a digital piano.Can i go for Casio CDP 200R.My budget is Rs.30000/. only.I need your suggestion


  20. There is a lot of confusion in peoples mind as to
    what keyboard beginners should buy. I began playing the keyboard 5 years ago and was told by my music teacher to buy the yamaha PSR 290. It was expensive and had features that I did not need and could not have used in a lifetime. Five years later, I feel that I could have done with a Casio that I could have bought at 1/2 the cost. The best feature of the Casio CTK 810in is that at a reasonable price you Indian tones and rythms built in. For a slightly better tonal quality, which most people cannot discern anyway, it is wort the Rs 1000 extra that you have to pay for a Yamaha?
    There is no question in my mind that the Casio CTKin is the best value for the money.

  21. @EssAarDee thanks for sharing your views. You seem to be making a valid point.

  22. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Hi Ramesh,

    I am unable to choose between PSR E413 and I425. Please help me out, whats your suggestion?


  23. Hi Vimal,

    PSR E413 is pretty good (in its price range) and is fast moving. So you can rely on that. Not sure about I425 though.


  24. Hi Ramesh
    I m in Dubai now for the DSF. The price offered for Yamaha i425 is AED 1399 n for Yamaha E413 is AED 1099. (AED:INR is 1:13.33).
    Is the 413 god enough for stage performance? What additional features are there in the i425? Casio CTK 5000 costs AED 900.

  25. Hi Mac, E413 is a good keyboard for its price and it is more suitable for learning. You can use it for stage performance too. Check out the tones and demos on the yamaha website. One thing that might be limiting during stage performance is if you need to change different tones frequently it might be difficult as the registration memory is limited. Other than that it has good features. Learn more about E413 here.

    Not sure about i425, but it basically includes some indian instruments and styles.

    It is always better if you check out the models before deciding on which one to buy.

  26. Pankaj Gera9:58 AM

    Hi Ramesh
    First of all, Hats-off to the kind of guidance you are providing to budding and professional musicians here.
    My concern is not very different from what many others have already asked. Many good keyboard-players have suggested me not to go for CASIO one, while my budget is 25k max. If not CASIO, YAMAHA i425 is the only option I have come across so far. What would you suggest? Is i425 good enough for LIVE performance?? Should I go ahead and buy it? or is there some other model available in this budget? I want to buy a KORG one but budget is the constraint.
    Expecting a prompt reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi Ramesh,

    I am glad to know you prompt response to all the comments above. I need one help.
    1. Does Yamaha PSR i425 have a dual/split to play two tones simultaneously on left and right sides of keys? I couldn't find that info in spec.
    2. Is the quality of sound from PSR i425 worth for on-stage performace?

    Your suggestions are very valuable!

    Ram (from Hyderabad)

  28. hi i'm sajeev from kerala,
    a hav a doubt yamaha psr 290 or casio ctk810in is more better for a church.
    is ctk810 hav sustain port

  29. Hi all, for those of you you are really intrestedin PSR - i425, here is the user manual :

  30. @Ram: I have just tried it once and hence don't have much information other than what I have mentioned. And thanks for sharing the user manual.

    @Pankaj: Yes Casio is not a good option. Yamaha PSR 1000 series used to be quite good and some 3 years back or so, it used to be around 32K in the grey market. But not sure about now. Infact those models are not in production now, so mostly you won't get it. You can consider PSR i425 only if you badly want those new indian sounds and if you feel it sounds good.

    @sajeevb: I have given link to the brochures in my post. Kindly check whether it has sustain port. I am not sure about it. And I think generally Yamaha is better than Casio. Instead of PSR 290, may be you can have a look at Yamaha PSR E413.

  31. I've seen Indian versions of both yamaha i425 and casio CTK 810IN...Though priced on higher side, features of yamaha are far far better than those of casio, especially in terms of realistic sounds, quality etc...
    I feel , in general, on any count, yamaha is far ahead of casio, whose instruments are more popular among kids rather than professionals.

  32. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Hi Ramesh,
    It's really wonderful to have a mix of all reviews on a single page.
    I am Avinash from Mumbai and currently learning keyboard. Also I wish to buy one suitable for stage performances too. I am a bit confused between Casio CTK-5000 and the Yamaha PSR E413.
    Which one would you have opted for? And what about the prices of both the above models...?

  33. Hi,

    I don't have any idea about Casio CTK 5000, but I believe PSR E413 is good and fast moving in its category. Kindly check any reviews available on the internet.


  34. Hi Ramesh, I have a PSRi425 and a Motif ES6. My son is learning thru a teacher to play Indian film music on the PSR. I would like to download the tracks his teacher helped him create on the PSR onto the Motif. Is there a way to do that.

  35. Hi Ramesh,

    I have a Triton Extreme and a MPC2000 XL and I am trying to find tones and beats samples for Indian music for either one. I am particularly interested in playing Moh'd Rafi, Mukesh, Lata and some of the newer movie hit songs. Do you know where I can get these samples?

  36. Mukundan3:39 PM

    hi ramesh
    does the PSRi425 have provision for recording tunes played as any instrument, like say violin (thro the keyboard) and then add more instruments like say guitar or harmonium (again thro the keyboard) to make a complete intrumental number.

  37. @Mukundan: It should be possible. Check out - it says under Recording: number of songs 5 and number of tracks 6 for each song.

  38. @Andy: No idea. But may be you should try the midi format.
    @Kenny: No idea.

  39. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Hi friends,
    I was looking for a keyboard which has these specifications.

    indian tones,memory card slot or floppy drive,sweet & cool voice, more than 400 voices & more than 200 rythms,recording(at least 4 tracks),pitch bend, sustain jack,touch response,usb to host
    price range : 15000 to 20000

  40. @Anon: Check the features and spec of PSR i425 and PSR E413. These should be of interest to you I guess.

  41. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Hi, I purchased and using this psr i425. its overall a good buy. however, i was expecting a lot more.. im still having some dificulty of making an arrangement of split with one side TEEN TAAL and other side harmoniuum.. may b i dono how to do that.. i will check the manual. if someone know plz drop email to khizerinayat at gmail --- would be greatfull.. ki

  42. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Thanks for all the info in one place. I get from the reviews that psr i425 is good. How about Casio cdp-200R which is a digital piano with indian voices.
    Which is better for Indian bhajans - keyboard or digital piano? Appreciate the help.
    Mark Kaphle

  43. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Is there any floppy options or pen drive options for PSRI 425
    Please reply me to

  44. Hey guys I am having a Yamaha PSR E413 which is just 2 months old and not even used . I bought it as a gift for my brother and he is leaving to Usa. If any1 requires it please contact me . I will be selling in another 2 or 3 days.
    Rate - 15000.Its really in excellent condition and worth buying it . A brand new is 19000.

    Rajkumar - 09791916666

  45. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Hi,which keyboard would you suggest for a child who started learning the keyboard just recently & hopes to play in the church one day in 2-3 yrs time. Advised models were PSR 550,500 (unreasonable for a beginer?) E313,413, PSRI 425. I'd apprecite your valuable suggestion.

  46. @Anonymous: No idea regarding PSR 550/500 models, but I guess they are old models (they might be good too). I think the recent models of PSR E413 would be a good choice.

  47. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Thankyou very much, Mr.Ramesh. Great help.

  48. Hi:

    Thanks for for writing this blog that contains very useful information. I saw that it was posted in Nov 2007. By now have you gathered any information about Casio CTK5000? Between Yamaha PSR-I425 & Casio CTK-5000 which one is superior in terms of sound quality? As per the user manuals the number of tones, features and sound output power is more in CTK-5000 compared to PSR-I425. Also CTK 5000 has SD card slot. But unfortunately the sound quality can't be written in any manual. If someone has experienced both the keyboards' sound, please let me know which one has better sound quality. Based on the feedback I can decide which one to go for.

    Thanks in advance.


  49. Hi Ramesh
    This is vinod from Ahmedabad.iam planing to buy a Yamaha PSR S550B Pl. give me some information..which one is better yamaha psr s550b or roland E09

  50. Hi , Nice to read and get ideas, here my doubt is Is it worth to buy 2nd hand E 403 ..... i want indian samples to play

  51. yu need a psr e413 keyboard??

  52. @KM, no idea. I didn't revisit these models.

    @vinod: No idea about Roland E09. Please check various reviews on the net. Listen to demos of these keyboards on Youtube.

    @Mathew: E403 and E413 are good models I believe. They are not actually focused on the indian instruments like i425. Depending on your need, if possible try out these instruments before you purchase.

  53. I need a used keyboard .. preferably PSRe413/313 or CTK810IN in a good condition urgently for my own use.

    Please contact me... at

  54. Hi Ramesh

    Im Kabeer From Keral.
    Im planning to buy Yamaha PSR i425.

  55. Sebastian3:10 PM

    Hello Friends,

    I have visited this forum time and again while I was in planning stage of buying a keyboard. Now that I own the new PSR i425, I can say thank you to all and RAMESH for his expert comments.

    The keyboard is rocking, I got it for 17400/- which includes adapter, bag and Yamaha stand. Sound quality is way to high specially for trumpet, sax, flute, guitar(awsome with pitch bend), brass and accordian. Indian instruments such as Sitar and Bansuri are spot on. Style beats are awsome, I only wish if this could have had 4 fills rather than 2. USB feature is great and lets you add good number of style from internet however limitation is that only 1 style can be added to the style list(#163) but other can still be kept in flash memory and used when needed.

    I would say this keyboard is too good for its ammount. I recommend buying it.

  56. Thank you Sebastian for sharing your feedback on the keyboard.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Dear Ramesh,
    First of all I appriciate you for bringing such a wonderful blog discussion which has now become very fruitful informative who really loves music especially keyboardists.

    I have also a plan to own PSR I425 soon. When I observed all of your comments I have got full confidence and finally I decided to go ahead.

    Dear Ramesh, Can you please confirm me an information about the registration bank memory.

    I used to perform stage shows, as you know there we need to switch over to various tones on selecting single buttons. It is found that only two memory bank buttons (with 16 options).

    Can we use the buttons 1, 2, 3 ..etc to choose different tones while live stage show?

    I meant to say that suppose, we like to use three tones such as bansuri, sitar and strings.

    If we are memorising these three tones in the memory bank number say 1, is it possible to change the tones from bansuri to sitar to strings as and when required in the stage show?

    I am awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks and Regards


  59. Anonymous10:12 PM

    TO answer Jaikishan's answer.
    I had a psr e403 when I was in USA, which is functionally identical to i425. So I am answering based on my knowledge about e403.

    There are 16 memory banks.. when in default mode you can access the first two using button [1] & [2],, to access the third and fourth registration, you press the button [bank] and then move the selection wheel or by pressing + or - button. after that you press [1] or [2] to access 3rd & 4th registration....

    I know it is complicated,,, think of it in this pattern... (where 1 & 2 are registration buttons)

    [c]-[1][2].... and so on till [h] (i.e. 8)...

    so during your live performace you can only access two sounds with ONE press of button (the [a] bank which is there by default),, to access third sound you will have to press three buttons... first- the memory bank button,, then + or - button,, then either [1] or [2].. when you press Memory bank button,, you are now in position to select between a,b,c...h using +OR- or the wheel,, and then you use [1]or[2] to select the corresponding registration.

    I have found it easy to access all 16 registrations during live performance,, you need little practice and little awareness of mind. when u are using voice saved in [a]-[2] & know that the next voice you are gonna need is in [b]-[1].. you should press Memory bank button during yout performance and + button,, and then whenever you are ready to play instrument stored on [b]-[1], you just need to press [1]

    hope this was helpful..

  60. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Reply from Jaikishan
    To: The anonymous friend,

    Thanks for your reply and information. Your information seems have little bit confusion for me. My doubt is that why we press + or - key?
    Without pressing these keys can we select the prestored tones?

    Example. If we have memorised 8 tones in the memory bank say 1. And we are not using the bank 2. Imagine that these 8 tones are sufficient for the stage show. Then after pressing the bank button 1, can we change the tones simply selecting the numeric buttons 1,2,3,4,5 to 8?

    Because selection of the bank has already been done by pressing the bank button once. There after is it possible by changing the tones by the numeric buttons 1,2,3,4?

    Please give me you valuable reply..

    Hope u are doing well. Thanks.


  61. @Jaikishan: I think that is possible. I guess you can directly press numbers 1 to 8 to select the appropriate bank and then select tone 1 or 2. + or - is another option. I previously had PSR 350 which worked this way. It is a bit of inconvenience if you are used to selecting different tones in a single click. I myself haven't used that keyboard in stage performances. So I really don't know how much of an inconvenience it. But anon has mentioned that you can get used to it. Anyway it will be good if you try that out yourselves before buying.

  62. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Dear Ramesh,

    thanks very much for your information.


  63. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Dear Ramesh,Thank you for the information.This site could help me to come to a decision making.Good wishes to you for keeping informed about key boards.

  64. Thank you Jaikishan and Thank you Anonymous. My pleasure.

  65. Anonymous8:19 PM


    like many others above i m planning to buy an i425 within 2 days or so .... the confusion that i had is almost over but there is still a lil doubt that dude i noticed in most of your replies you say that i425 is good agreed but the way u talk it seems as though if u had an option u would have gone for e413 ... i want a reply on this n now secondly.

    on i425 can u create a song .... by this i mean u create beats and den add guitar to it n den everything .... can u do that .. i know this question is basic ... but pls help me.

    URGENT !!!!!

  66. Anonymous8:21 PM

    n yea i need indian stuff more .... but still keep this apart n den keep this point in view n temme ur answer

  67. @anonymous, unfortunately i haven't used these keyboards to arrive at a recommendation. I have laid my hands on the i425 in the local music store and that was it. I haven't tried E413, but from what I learnt and from the comments to this post, I think both are good models. It would be best if you can try out both the models at the store where you are planning to buy before deciding which to buy.

    Check the brochures of i425 that i have included at the end of the post to find if you will be able to record a song with 5-6 tracks.

  68. Anonymous1:19 AM

    ok i got no brochures but still thanks a lot man ... still thank you very much and take care.

  69. @Anonymous, I was referring to these brochures of i425: and

  70. Where can I get the USB cable for Yamaha PSRI 425?

  71. @kk: USB-MIDI cable? You will get it in music/computer stores.

  72. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Hey Ramesh...Im living in the UK and im very urgent to buy this keyboard because im crazy over these indian styles and i need them for stage purposes.etc...But as far as I know i dont if they sell them in england , do you have an idea if they do or if they do shipping from india???

    Please reply


  73. When I had enquired initially, they informed that it is available only in India. But I am not sure. May be check the Casio and Yamaha websites specific to your region.


  75. plz help ............ mailto mee...... about

    keyboard if any other model preferable

  76. @ashik: For your budget, I believe PSR i425 would be the right choice. I think PSR 550 is little expensive. Also look at PSR E423 and PSR E413 models from Yamaha.

  77. Hi Ramesh,

    I'm in Bangalore and I'm getting CASIO CTK-5000 for Rs 9000 in grey market. For some reason, PSR I425 prices in grey market are above (yes, above) the prices quoted by Yamaha showroom!

    For me, CTK-5000 comes almost at half price of I425. I need your expert comments to take decision.

    Please have a look at CTK-5000 and comment soon!


  78. @Altu, I don't know about that model. But in general, Yamaha keyboards are better than Casio in this price range. I suggest you check with someone else. Read reviews on the internet and check videos on YouTube. If you can try it out in a local store, that will be ideal.

  79. Anonymous9:44 PM

    hi, i wanna purchase a professional musical key board with indian music for small stage shows in punjab.what's the best model in a budget of 15000 & is it available in punjab?

  80. Anonymous9:02 PM

    hey guys am in need f any keyboard n psr series. f any avilable for sales pls contact me at 9500139453.


  81. @Anon-9:44pm: Look at the post and the comments, you should get an idea for the best model in your budget.

  82. maheshvasa11:22 AM

    hai ramesh,i came to know about ur blog ,its nice.i listened all ur compositions,they are nice.iam a music lover,i got myself a yamaha psr e403,i want the usb cable for that one,can u tell me where i can buy that?my email address ,mobile no. 9985468962,andhra pradesh.i want ur email address,or mobile communicate personally,hope u will consider it.

  83. maheshvasa10:40 AM

    hai ramesh,iam a mbbs graduate from ap,i came to know about ur blog,its so helpful to those who really love music .i got myself a yamaha psr e 403,can u tell me how to add some indian style files .i would appreciate ur email

  84. Suthars2:24 PM

    I bought a psr I425 keyboard in Doha, Qatar for QR1400. The grand piano sound is not good. I have a CASIO LK110 too. I feel grand piano sound in CASIO keyboard is more impressible.

  85. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Thanks for starting such a useful blog on Piano, providing necessory informations and users views and comments.

  86. @maheshvasa, I have sent you an email. Regarding indian style files, I don't know. Check the yamaha website and any user community forums where styles are shared.

    @Suthars: Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    @Anon: Thank you, glad you found it helpful.

  87. Hi Ramesh,

    This is krishna, I have Yamaha I425 keyboard, I want to download and use some of south Indian instrumental styles, where can I download? I think in Yamaha we need SMF format... could U Pls Help me..

  88. @Gopala, I don't have information on this. May be you can search the internet. Also check this page:

  89. hi.. what can u guide me about roland e 09 keyboard?? pls reply

  90. Sushant4:27 PM

    Hi friends, I am 9 years old and learning to play key board. I have YAMAHA PSR I425 Keyboard. If any one of you can guide me how to download and transfer Hindi songs track from internet to my Keyboard and also record the tunes played by me to my computer. Kindly guide.

  91. @ams: I don't know about the keyboard you are mentioning.

    @Sushant: Welcome to my blog. I don't have information on transferring hindi song from internet to your keyboard. I am not sure if that is possible. Regarding recording your tunes, buy an appropriate cable to connect the line-out of your keyboard to the microphone/line-in of your computer. You can then record whatever the you or the keyboard plays using a free software such as Audacity.

  92. I saw an Ad on Star Utsav TV channel regarding Casio CTK 2000 (or 2100) model which has a few indian tones. It was priced under Rs.7000 inclusive of a bag and adaptor.

  93. hai ramesh
    i got a ctk 5000 model. i need some more tones and rethums how to i get.

  94. @Sunder: Please search the internet. I don't have any idea.

  95. Hi Ramesh, Thanks, I looked for choice between Casio 810IN and Yamaha, For the price and features, I bought Casio CTK 810IN, at Rs.10,900/- in Bangalore, may be If I had shopped around I would have saved Rs. 1000/-. It is good, plays Indian rhythms/tunes very decent.

  96. Anonymous6:54 PM


  97. Krishnamurthy: Thanks for sharing your opinion about the model with us.

  98. Pishon8:44 PM

    Dear Ramesh,

    Thanks for having this blog. I am a beginner and planning to buy and use it Only for Christian songs.Suggest a Model.Budget Rs.8000

  99. @Pishon:

    I would suggest the PSR series of Yamaha. Look for one such model. I believe touch sensitive keys will be useful to you, but not sure if you will get a PSR keyboard with touch sensitive keys within your budget. If not look for Casio models.

  100. tpsdas1:47 AM

    Want to buy a keyboard. Budget around 10000 - 12000/- which model is best to buy. Pl help. If possible mail also in

  101. tpsdas9:57 PM

    Thanks for your comment Ramesh ji. Still some clarification - which is a better choice between Yamaha PSRE323( 10800/-) Vrs Casio CTK 810ini(11500/-) & Why? Pl help

  102. Hello Friends I am Dipesh From Mumbai and own a Roland E-09 its a fantastic keyboard in terms of sound but I am not able to save my setting of sound under its sound bang. also I have many other technical queries if any body can help please share me your email id at I would write back to you..
    looking forward to your prompt response

    Thank you


  103. tpsdas:

    You check the specifications and then decide which is best for you:

    But in general, Yamaha is better than Casio with respect to the tones. But the casio model you referred has some indian tones as well. So you have to decide based on your needs. Also search for any videos on these keyboards.

  104. tpsdas11:50 PM

    thank u sir,for all the advices. Now i need to review & decide....thanks once again...

  105. Anonymous12:52 PM

    very good indian style files available free of cost in

  106. Hello Ramesh,
    I am sandeep, I am planning to buy keyboards which is of Arranger workstations we call, not the synthesizers, I am only looking for the Worship songs which has good reverb/touch / Chorus. Could you suggest any keyboards good models, and my budget is just 15K.

  107. please mail to or provide your number, I could call you back. thanks

  108. dear ramesh uncle i am 9 years old and im learning carnatic on the keyboard for the past 8 months on a casio sa 21. My music teacher told me to buy a high end keyboard. my father searched on web and finally he got 3 options they are yamaha psr e-423, psr i425 and casio ctk 5000. which is the best among the three and tell me your choice.

  109. srinivasarao: I don't know about Casio CTK 5000. But the other 2 models - PSR E423 and PSR i425 and good models. Since you are learning carnatic, you can try PSR i425 which has some indian tones. Try before you buy so that you will be satisfied. Good luck!

  110. thanks for ur concern. i want to know the gray market price of PSR E423&PSRi425 in chennai

  111. looking to buy secondhand yamaha PSR 323 or I425 for my 5 year old, pls. let me know where in banaglore I can find same. Whats the best price for same if I buy new. If anybody has any of these for sale , pls call me @8971911650

  112. dear sir my 9 year old son is learning keyboard(carnatic) for the past one year. His music teacher told to upgrade his keyboard. I got 3 options. PSR E-423, PSR i425, casio ctk-5000. please tell me which one is the best among the three. please suggest me of your choice and the price at music stores and grey market in chennai please help me in this regard. thank you sir.

  113. @srinivasarao: If you leave your email address, I will send you the contact details of a shop in burma bazaar. You can enquire the grey market price with them.

  114. hi ramesh,

    i seek your advice to help my sister buy herself a keyboard. She is around 30 yrs old and currently has one bass male harmonium and casio SA21 keyboard (our childhood toy). She has recently started learning music (vocal) and keyboard from different teachers at her home town (small town in haryana). Her aim is to open her own music classes and teach once she is capable of.

    For couple of months she is learning keyboard and for better practice and further learning she needs to buy her own keyboard (currently she practices on her teacher's china make one).

    We don't know which one to buy and teacher keeps changing his suggestions in matter of days. We want you to guide us through same. We don't want to put budget constraints but we want to be realistic. We don't to buy too cheap which does not help her in completing her learning and we end up buying another one in 1-2 years. and also we don't want too costly which has so many feature that probably she won't be using those features for years.

    She can anyway buy a costlier one when she is an expert and can afford as well as decide on which one suits her requirement. But our current requirement is to invest for once in a product which can serve her needs for years till she starts giving tuition herself.

    So, the features should be more learning oriented. She is also confused between whether to go for yamaha or casio of any of them would not make any difference to her.

    For information, as of now she doesn't have access to computer or softwares which she can use to play with midi's etc. (probably a bit too far for her, she is just a beginner, but this may come @ the last stages of her learning, if she gets a teacher/guide of that caliber).

    I would thank you in advance for help extended to her.


  115. @Himanshu: Sorry for the late response. For your needs, I would suggest either Yamaha PSR E423 or Yamaha PSR i425. It could cost upto around Rs. 18000/-. Let me know if this budget is fine with you. If not, let me know your budget. I would suggest you do a search on the internet for these models. Read the specs, the reviews. Also look for videos on Finally try out in a local store before deciding which one to buy.

  116. Anonymous9:36 PM

    want to know high configuration models in yamaha or casio around 25000. pls tel the model. thank u.

  117. @Anonymous: I don't know about Casio, but in Yamaha, you have the following models within your budget:

    Yamaha PSR i425 or PSR E423: Around Rs. 16,000/-
    Roland E-09: Around Rs. 25,000/-

    Check out the various models and its prices at

  118. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Dear Sir,

    i am using Yamaha PSR I425, please tell me the which is best in all if compare with Roland E09 ?

    also give me the prices of roland e09

    please reply me on

    waiting for your feedback soon.

    Alpesh Shah

  119. Dear Alpesh,

    Yamaha PSR i425 is a good model. I recently came across Roland E09. I haven't used it, so I don't know much about it. But check their website and check video of that on YouTube to get a fair idea. As I pointed out in the link the price is Rs. 25,200.

  120. Somesh12:45 AM


    I have a Casio CTK810In. It has an SD slot.
    Can I play Rythms and Voices other than those that are a part of the Keyboard via the SD Card?
    What software would I need to capture Rythms from Film songs, load it on the SD Card and play it through the Keyboard?


    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Yesyou can play back recorded sounds from the SD card.

  121. Anonymous4:06 PM

    poda pani

  122. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Hi Ramesh, Absolutely good flow of info, credit goes to you, thanks a ton.
    I am planning to buy a Yamaha Keyboard either I425 or E413, however my confusion is where to but and whats the real difference in buying from Grey market or showroom.
    i would be happy if i get any response from ramesh r anyone before 10am today:)
    Also i do have a casio CTK 230 which i bought it from landmark and planning to sell that as well.
    Again thanksfor the blog Ramesh.

  123. Anonymous5:21 AM


  124. Vasanth,

    Thank you. Glad you found this useful. I think there is a model E423 which is newer than E413. So you can consider E423 instead of E413. PSR i425 is also a good model. If you want indian tones and styles in addition to the regular tones, you can go ahead with PSR i425. Apart from that difference, I think both are almost the same. You can read the technical specs on Yamaha's website before deciding. You can also check the prices here:

  125. Somesh,

    I don't know about that. But I think you need to check in Casio and website and general discussion forums about casio keyboards to see if people share such stuff.

  126. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Thanks for your response, yeah thats what my instructor also suggested, Great i feel i have purchased the right product E423. Thanks alot:)


  127. Dear Ramesh,

    I am confused between yamaha PSR I 425 and casio Ctk 5000. Which one to buy. Can you please guide me Dubai market is more cheaper than indian market for that keyboard?


    Manan Patel

  128. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Dear Ramesh,
    I would like to buy a Keyboard for my Church, pls help me to find a suitable yamaha model.

  129. pranav2:42 PM

    dear ramesh
    mare keybord levu chhe pan maru bazet ochhu chhe ane mare agar kam ave ane mara paisa upaji ave tevi salah apo

  130. I am planning to learn keyboard - self help for time being since I want to avoid commuting time and the Non- availability of a good teacher in my area..
    I have read some web pages. But all are very different.. I am fully confused. And need help. Please help me.

    • Some say start with 1st black key as Sa. And some say - start with 1st White key as Sa. My question is which is better & easy to start Sa.

    • Any standard finger can I use to play S' for the below three conditions
    Please see the followings:
    Somesay to practice the finger arrangements as follows:
    a) Bilawal thaat, S R G m P D N S' [Ascending]
    1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 [Finger numbers]
    Here for S' - little finger is used.

    b) Kalyan thaat. S R G M P D N S' [Ascending]
    1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 [Finger numbers]
    Here for S' - 4 th finger is used.

    c) Again some say to play S' use finger #1 (thumb). while playing song/ multi octave:
    There are so many differences???
    What to do??....Shall I practice as you have asked for or use any one finger for S' while playing all the above three conditions

    Now I am Fully confuse !!!!.......Please help. Looking forward for your reply.

  131. Manan Patel: I feel Yamaha is better. I don't know about Dubai Market though.

    Anonymous: Let me know the budget for the keyboard that you are looking for your church.

    Pranav: Can you post it in English?

  132. Nirupama Raghavan9:27 PM

    I'm interested in buying a second hand keyboard in good condition (Casio or Yamaha) for my 8 year old son who is learning keyboard for the last 4 months. Those who are looking to sell in Hyderabad can contact me at 9701736744

  133. I noticed an advertisement on the newspaper yesterday regarding new Keyboard models from Casio and these models contained Indian tones as well. Check the Update at the end of this blog post, with the scanned advertisement.

  134. Hii Ramesh,

    I have a number of rhythms in wav format. I want to buy a keyboard that can load and play these rhythms... (as user styles ?). Could you suggest me a keyboard, please ??

  135. Anonymous3:23 AM

    I have a Yamaha keyboard and wish to learn downloading Hindi music tunes from Internet and have them automatically play on the Yamaha keyboard. What do I need to learn

  136. Hi Ramesh,

    Last couple of days, I was going through your blogs and I amazed at your dedication and passion for the music. You are doing a wonderful job in responding to everyone. Thanks for your time.

    I'm unable to decide between Yamaha PSR S650 and Casio WK7500. What is your suggestion?.

    Thanks in Advance for your reply.


    1. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Guess unless you are a professional the WK7500 is at 60% of the price, with some fantastic features. check the casio web site

  137. Dear Ramesh,
    I am Suresh from Chennai. I am looking for Yamaha PSR-S650 key board for my cousin. Could you please get me Yamaha authorized dealer contact details, as well as Barma Bazar details (address, and contact No) where i can get original piece in cheaper rate?,

    Thanks& Regards,

  138. vishnu12:35 PM

    which one is d best keyboard as compare to casio CTK-7000 or yamaha psr i425..
    please suggest i m so confused(b'caz price range difference is 3000 n features r best in ctk 7000) bt which will give me best output on stage n any party program.??

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Dear Vishnu,

      Better close your eyes and buy CTK-7000.Because one of my friend recently bought CTK-7000, he is using CTK-7000 for rock band and for college stage performance. If you want to buy yamaha motif or psr s-910 or roland or korg plz dont buy casio. Some tones in casio are extremely awsome like Piano,saxaphone,organ,guitar,flute.In indian tones Tambura,Santore,3 read Harmonium,sitar are the best.Biggest advantage in casio is tones are based on acoustic, if you want to add other effects you can add through tone editor. Biggest advantage in CTK-7000 is it has mic in,So you can save your voice directly in keyboard,other brand doesnt have this facility and also you can complete Trinity 8 grade with this keyboard.Tones are much better in this keyboard,if you want to buy similar feature keyboard you have to invest atleast 70000+. CTK-7000 has mono output i.e LR but I425 has Sterio out. Thats why casio has better out Reach than Yamaha I425.

      If you want to buy for Brand you plz buy Yamaha.

  139. Hi Ramesh,

    I am planning ot buy psr i425. It doesn't have line-in and line-out compared to ctk 5000. How improtant are these interfaces ? Where exactly these are useful. Can we achive same functionality through available ports ?

  140. Danny9:47 AM

    Hi Ramesh, I'm planning to buy a PSR S910. Please let me know the some of the best deal shops(grey market) in chennai.

  141. Anonymous10:47 AM

    dear Danny,

    Don't buy from gray market, because it will not come under warranty.Better You call just dial and ask music dealers list.You will get call from dealers, if you have good negotiation skill bargain till 8-10% discount from MRP. Yamaha Dealer margin is 10-12%.In gray market you can get 12-14%.

  142. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Dear Ramesh

    I am inspired from the great source of knowledge you have on the musical instruments.

    HELP NEEDED. I am in Qatar, near Dubai. I am planning to buy a good & a big lifetime keyboard for my son. He already has a small keyboard. I have 3 questions.

    1. I heard people say that the tones of the Keyboard bought from Middle East like Dubai will not provide the tones of our indian carnatic tones. Is that true? If so, can we download the carnatic tones to the keyboard or is it worth buying in Dubai at all or not.

    2. I have gone through your reviews. Can you suggest a brand and a model number to buy a lifetime big keyboard for my son. Budget is max. Rs.30,000 to 35,000/-.

    3. We live in Chennai, Mogappair West. I am looking for a GOOD Keyboard Teacher for my son who can teach carnatic & western keyboard. If anybody know, please provide the name of the person, with phone number and contact address. It will be of great help.

    Thanks in Advance

  143. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Dear Ramesh

    Thanks for this useful blog.I want to decide between CTK2200 and i425.Since my child is a beginner,I don't want to invest huge sum. Can I go for CTK2200 right now, for learning hindustani music.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Anonymous1:01 AM

      check once about ctk 3200

  144. hi ramesh,
    i m frm ahmedabad, gujarat. i have confusion over two keyboards, one is yamaha psr e333 and other is casio ctk 810in. i need keyboard having good features but i also want sound quality, so which one should i buy my budget is 10000rs to 12000rs.. please suggest me soon...

  145. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for sharing a usefull info...

    Get all the Prices of Latest Guitars from here : Guitar Price

  146. Really helpful blog..
    Keep it up Ramesh

  147. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Hi Mr. Ramesh,

    MY name is Bhavin and i decides to buy yamaha keyboard but confused between psr i425 & psr e423 so please tell me which is good for me. I am just learning to play

  148. Hi

    The following Indian Keyboard also got some Indian instrument tones and rhythms. Its MRP is only 3200/- with adapter and 3 years warranty.

  149. casio 180in or yamahai425 or roland e 09...??

  150. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Hi, whats your opinion about i455 the new one?

  151. Anonymous2:26 PM


  152. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The Sound quality of YAMAHA is better than CASIO. If you are going to record songs for Films/Short films, Stage programs you can go for YAMAHA. If it is going to be for Self playing go for CASIO with low budget. YAMAHA is Pro and CASIO is kinda Toy look. But CASIO provides lot of extra features for the amount we pay than YAMAHA.

  153. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I455 fully built for INDIA(BHAJANS).

  154. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Hello Ramesh, your suggestions are
    really excellent and gave me some
    insights about various keyboards.
    Now i am planning to buy one and
    my budget is round 30,000. I have
    reviewed 3 keyboards. Casio CTK
    7000, Yamaha i455 and Roland’s
    e-09. I’m mainly interested in
    having indian kind of tones and
    styles. And also i noticed the
    features of Yamaha i455 as well as
    Roland’s e-09. E-09 doesn’t have
    USB support as compared to i455.
    Which one has rich sounds? I’m
    really confused as to which one
    should i opt for? would you please
    suggest me? Casio CTK 7000 has lot
    of features, but i doubt whether the
    sound quality is good or not. So
    which one should i go for.? I have
    yamaha PSR 175 with me. so i have
    some idea about how yamaha
    keyboard sounds. Your suggestions
    are most welcomed. Thanks.

  155. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Please could you help me choose between Roland E-09 Indian Edition(IN) and Yamaha PSR-I455

  156. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Hi ramesh iam william from chennai. Recently i bought i425 it was pretty good. However cn u tell me is thr is any possibilities i can load custom voices in i425. P

  157. Anonymous7:37 AM

    @Anonymous 2:04PM
    I guess i455 is best bcz i own e01 it was good as per tone quality. But product quality is too bad. Within 2years i lost pitch bend and. Speakers started sounds bad it sounds like jarring. But voice quality is amazing. I suggest yu i455

  158. hello Friends

    i want to sell my Casio CTK 811 ex worth 15000 (My price)
    In very good condition, its very nice keyboard
    i am selling this because i want to move out towords Roland or Korg

    kapil Baderiya
    +91 9713289936

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  160. hii
    my son is 12 yrs old. he has been learning keyboard since 4 yrs. recently he got selected in an competition where he had to render Carnatic songs.he got through the audition round. but I want to know which tone to use for further rounds for playing gamakas in Carnatic varnams and kritis. he has Yamaha psr i455.

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