Jai Ho Rahman

Congratulations to Mr. Rahman on getting the Oscar awards ! You truly deserve it.

On celebration of this, I am currently having the Jai Ho song (from Slumdog Millionaire) as my mobile ringtone. I have edited it slightly. Here is the ringtone version:

I have also edited the O Saya song (again from Slumdog Millionaire) for using it as a ringtone. Here is the edited version below:

You can download the above ring tones and use it, if you like them.

Yamaha Music Store in Chennai

I saw an advertisement in today's Hindu regarding the launch of Yamaha Music Store in Chennai. "Yamaha Music Square" is launching in Chennai today. It is located at Nungambakkam. I was already planning to purchase the Yamaha MO6 synthesizer keyboard. So this has come at the right time. So now I have a reason to visit the store and try out MO6 and probably PSR-S900 before purchasing.

Here is the advertisement on the Hindu.


And here is the address of the shop:

"Sterling Silver",
No. 24 & 25, Siva Ganga Road,
Off. Sterling Road, Nungambakkam
Chennai - 600034
Phone: 044-42909888 / 044-42909800 / 9840325440
Email: yamaha@nippongroup.com