Recent songs that caught my attention

Here are couple of recent songs that caught my attention (apart from the chartbusters like Sivaji / Cheeni Kum):

  1. "Engivalai Naan Perave" from Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen (Music: Joshua Sridhar)
    This is a very nice song that I have been recently listening on radio. The thing that caught my attachment is the pallavi where the tune in plain notes has nice overlaps in the upper octave in carnatic style. I thought this is based on Raag Hansdhwani (or Hamsadhwani) but I have my doubts on it. Infact in the second interlude, when the singer sings swaras he includes the Ma note. So it seems to have the notes Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Ni and Sa in the Shankarabharanam scale. But I don't think it is Kedaram or Nalinakanthi. Or may be I am wrong. Please correct if I am wrong. And by the way, this song is sung by Gowtham who I think was one of the finalists of Airtel Super Singer.

  2. "Uppu Kallu" from Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar (2007) (Music: Dhina)
    This is again a nice melody that I keep listening to often in radio or on TV. Though some phrases in the song sounds familiar, it is a nice melody overall. Bombay Jayashree's vocals makes it even more enjoyable.
What do you think on these songs?

Voices in Harris Jayaraj's music

I have observed that some of the voices in Harris Jayaraj's music sound better and sophisticated than the same voices under other music directors. Examples:

  1. Karthik - Oru Maalai, Oru Ooril
  2. Haricharan - Vaigasi Nilave
  3. Krish - Manjal Veyil (humming of vennilave)

What do you think?