ARR Discography Application

Recently, I noticed that the whole discography information was updated on ARR website:

However, it was not searchable. So I wrote a program to scrap the pages and collect the basic information required for the discography and converted it into CSV files. I then uploaded those CSV spreadsheet files to Zoho Creator, an online database application and quickly created couple of forms and views. (Disclaimer: I work for Zoho). I also created a simple dynamic HTML page with the count of movies and songs fetched from this online database and those search fields that allow you to search. Here is the searchable ARR discography application:

And here is a short video demonstrating its usage:

Though the discography pages on ARR site were similar, there were some inconsistencies in the structure of the HTML page. So the current database has some missing entries, which can be filled online. I collected only the movies related information.

PS: I was thinking of doing the same thing for Ilaiyaraaja discography. But then I found a better modeled application at

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