Free online music courses from Coursera

I have been taking a free online course from Coursera on the basics of Music Production. This has been really helpful and informative to me. I hope you will find it helpful too especially if you are a beginner to music / music production.

If you want to learn about the fundamentals of Music like notes, scales, chords, etc, then the following courses could be useful:
For composing and songwriting:
For music production (recording and mixing):
And there are various other courses too like History of Rock, Introduction to Guitar, Jazz Improvisation, Music of Beatles, Exploring Beethoven's Piano Sonatas, etc.

The last course above (Music Production) is the one I am currently pursuing. The course is very neatly laid out and presented. The classes go on for about 6 weeks - a lesson a week. A lesson consists of a series of videos explaining and demonstrating the concepts. There would be quizzes for each lesson which tests your understanding. And after each lesson, you would be given an assignment (you could choose from a selection of topics) which you have to submit either in the form of a PDF (text + images) or a video (screencast / motion video) etc. Your assignment submission will be reviewed by your peers and they will grade you. Similarly you will also review the assignments of other students. All these help you understand the subject better. In this Music Production lesson you will have to spend about 6-8 hours per week and it goes on for 6 weeks. 

Each course has a specific duration, a start date and the approx. number of hours you need to put in for each week. All these information is available on the individual course pages. Depending on the course start date, you can plan and join the course or you can choose to add future sessions to your watch list in order to get notified later.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend a basic starter course as follows depending on the timelines:
  1. Developing Your Musicianship - April 1st (6 weeks duration)
  2. Introduction to Music Production - July 14th (6 weeks duration)
    Fundamentals of Music Theory - July (5 weeks duration)
  3. Songwriting - Oct 13th (6 weeks duration)

Here is the COMPLETE LIST of the various free music courses offered by Coursera:

Note: Apart from music, there are hundreds of courses across a variety of topics. You could find some of those useful as well.

Kandathum Pennai - My new composition

Here is a new song composed by me. I always wanted to compose a very simple, straightforward, accessible tune and I came up with this. I also wanted this song to be somewhat like a Yuvan song and that is how I composed the melody. Do listen to it below and share your comments.

CREDITS (all are my colleagues)
Music: Sripathy Ramesh
Lyrics: Kannan Sampath
Lead Vocals: Mohammed Raafi
Backing Vocals: Vidya Kanickairaj, Jenzo Thomas
Lead Guitar: Jenzo Thomas (Jenzo's own lead based on the chord progression)
All Rights Reserved