Rajapaarvai background piece - shruthibedam again

Talking about Rajapaarvai, listen to the following background music (re-recording) from the same film. It is a very nice piece.

Hope you enjoyed it. Here is a comment by an user on that video:
i'm an atheist...but this music makes me think twice. Divine!

Now for the technically inclined:

While listening to it I realized that this piece starts in raag Jog in 1.5 kattai (C#) and at 00:26 secs it shifts to raag Subhapantuvaraali in 4 kattai (F) - basically the Ga of Jog becomes the Sa of Subhapantuvaraali with the same notes. It again comes back to Jog later. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

Raaja has done this kind of shruthibedam / tonal shifts lot of times. This same Jog-Subhapantuvaraali shruthibedam was done in the album "How to name it" too.

I had earlier written about some songs were shruthibedam was used in tamil film songs. Here are the links to those posts:

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  1. the video is removed. can you repost it?.

    is it andhimazhai song? i strongly feel it is vasantha rather than panthuvarali without ri

  2. Yes it seems this video and the video in my previous post have been removed/made private. Right now I couldn't find any alternative link.

    Regarding Andhimazhai, yes it sounds like Vasantha. But I was not talking about that song anywhere.

  3. I have updated the video above. Now it works.