Re-Recording Raaja Contest

Suresh Kumar who writes about background scores ( is conducting a contest titled 'Re-Recording Raaja Contest'. Basically if you are able to recreate raaja's re-recording works, you can participate in the contest and get a chance to win Rs.10,000.
More details on this contest available at the below link:


  1. Ramesh , I've registered my name to this contest !

  2. Thats great Kumar! I know you will register and come out in flying colors. All the Best ! By the way, I am not participating as it may need good amount of time to be spent on it.

  3. Ramesh - Thats sad. I was expecting you to participate. Anyways, thanks for putting a link in your blog.


  4. i have a couple of recreated themes of IR but 7 minutes is too long!!. it will take months for me to create a good one!! may be if it is 3- mins i can think of participating

  5. Hi Ashwin,

    Unfortunately the contest was called off. Refer Hopefully it will return back with a shorter duration.