Inter-corporate music competition

James Vasanthan's BigDeal media regularly conducts inter-corporate music competitions during the last 3 -4 years, where singers and bands from the corporate world take part. Many software companies and organizations from other sectors take part in this competition. Our band, from AdventNet, has participated 3 times in group music (band) category. I play the keyboard in our band. We got the 1st prize in the first competition and 2nd prize during subsequent competitions. The competition predominantly used to be film music (popular music). However since last year, they included additional categories for classical music and western music. We couldn't participate last year due to lack of time and preparation.

This year, the competition starts on October 13th. And we intend to participate in it. And this time, Star Vijay channel is covering the event as a reality show. For more details on this competition, refer:

If you are an aspiring singer, or if you have a band in your organization, go ahead and register in this competition. You have celebrity singers and musicians, judging and take noticing of you.


  1. Update on the competion: We reached the quarter finals. We weren't selected for the semi finals. We performed a total of 2 songs - 1 each in prelims and quarter finals. I won't say who won it. You can watch it on Star Vijay TV. Look out for "Kumaran Silks Paadum Office". Not sure when they will telecast it.

  2. hey, could you please let me know how to apply for the competitions in the future. Im working in an IT firm in chennai. We have few singers, guitarists and a key board player. It will be helpful if you could provide more details about this competition to my mail id -

    Thanks a lot. Looking forward for some valuable info from you.