Jotheyali / Vizhiyile / Jaane Do Na on the Harmonium

This song, Jotheyali, was originally composed by Ilaiyaraaja for a Kannada film and that was a huge hit. This song was later reused as Vizhiyile Mani Vizhiyil in a Tamil film, Nooravudhu Naal. More recently, Ilaiyaraaja reused this again as Jaane Do Na in the Hindi film, Cheeni Kum, with a totally different arrangement.

This song has got wonderful melody and chord sequences. I wanted to try it out and so I set the basic arrangement for this song and created the Karaoke track. I then played the harmonium on top of the track and recorded it. Let me know your feedback.

Microphone used: Tascam DR-07mkII digital audio recorder



  1. Very good job Ramesh!

  2. Thank you Jerald!

  3. It is just amazing ramesh. such clarity using a mic recording.......

  4. @drashkum: Thank you Ashwin! The karaoke track was created separately. I then loaded the track on my tascam audio recorder and recorded the harmonium in overdub mode when the original track was being played. The recorder has got 2 condenser mics (XY stereo) which is why it picks up the sound really well. But the drawback is it will pick up sounds really well and hence a sound proof room would be ideal.

  5. great!. i was amazed how a portable recorder could do such a clarity job. thumbs up. would you mind telling me where did you get it from? how much was the damage on your wallet?

  6. Hi Ashwin,

    The following is the device I purchased. I ordered it online and got it delivered to one of my colleagues who was returning from US. It cost $149.