Nizhal - A short film

Arunkumar, a colleague of mine, directed a short film called 'Nizhal'. I did the background score for this short film. Here is the video. Let me know your feedback.

Please note that we are amateurs and this is the first short film for most of us involved. So keep your expectations low. We hope to do better next time.

Director: Arunkumar
Music: Sripathy Ramesh
Cinematography: Arun Titan
Editor: Anil Krishnan
Actors: Dilip, Jayamalini
Crew: Ramachandran, Appadurai, Sabarinathan, Gopal.


  1. nirmala rama chandran8:50 AM

    Nice short Film...Good back ground music Ramesh ! may write in my language '' eniyum ethu pole jeevitha gandhiyaya short film expect cheyyunnu ! thanx !

  2. Thank you Nirmala and Dilip!