Ada Remix Entries

Around 10 months back, I posted a blog article on the remix contest by ARR and Nokia for the promotion of the film, Ada. I participated in it and was planning to publish the files only after the results. The deadline was over on June 15 2008, but they just ignored the contest after the submissions. No news what so ever. So I am publishing my entries for the contest below for your feedback. Let me know your views.

PS: From their Terms and Conditions, the rights for all the remix entries are owned by Nokia.
By submitting your remixed entry for the online/offline contest you hereby agree and consent to Nokia having all the Intellectual Property Rights of such remix and Nokia may use your remix in its future promotions in any manner whatsoever. You confirm all the IPR rights to Nokia and you also agree not to claim any IPR rights on the same in future.


  1. Ramesh ,
    Nice work ,The Intro of GumSum is too good .

  2. Thanks Kumar for your feedback. I have used the same tune in the intro and ending as in the original song. I just elaborated on it in the opening.