Jai Ho Rahman

Congratulations to Mr. Rahman on getting the Oscar awards ! You truly deserve it.

On celebration of this, I am currently having the Jai Ho song (from Slumdog Millionaire) as my mobile ringtone. I have edited it slightly. Here is the ringtone version:

I have also edited the O Saya song (again from Slumdog Millionaire) for using it as a ringtone. Here is the edited version below:

You can download the above ring tones and use it, if you like them.


  1. Good stuff, I enjoyed listening to it!

  2. Thanks Kannan ! You have some nice blogs there.

  3. Thank You . i have downloaded it , its Cool

  4. Thanks Manoj. Glad you liked it.

  5. Hi Sir....

    I've actually been following your blog for quite a long time but never made my presence know here...

    Btw, your compositions and remixes are cool...

    I just can't figure out the difference between your edited jai ho and the original one...
    (Ya am an amateur) Can u pls tell what is the actual edit you've done...? Just to learn...

  6. Thank you Jackuar. I haven't added anything to edit. I have just removed portions from the original. If you notice, this version starts from almost the beginning and ends towards the editing of the original song - all within 40 secs.

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