1 minute Jingle for Vivel Miss Chennai & Chennai Man

If you are a small time composer, here is an opportunity. There is a one minute Jingle contest for 'Vivel Miss Chennai & Chennai Man' reality fashion show which will be telecast on Star Vijay. This is open for Public.

Here is more info on this.


If you are musically inclined & love to compose jingles, then you could compose a 'one minute jingle for the Vivel Miss Chennai & Chennai man contest'. You need to create the background score, write the lyrics & render a one minute song on a CD and send it to us, the best one will be selected by an eminent panel of judges. This Selected jingle will be made into a Video film as well and the winners will be featured on Star Vijay & will take home prizes & medals.

There are 2 more contests open for public. Refer the links above.

I checked with the organizers and it seems we should send the CD by April 5. I knew about this only today. Let me see if I can whip up something within that time.

UPDATE (April 4th): I checked with the organizers today. The deadline is postponed to April 12th. Infact, I had a feeling it will get postponed. Our band participated in the Chennai Anthem contest conducted by the same organizers couple of years back and we reached till the finals. That was more of a live stage performance, but this is a jingle contest and hence I think it doesn't need any live performance.

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