Ilaiyaraaja's interludes

We all know Ilaiyaraaja is a master in orchestration. I noticed a few songs of IR where the interludes begin with a specific phrase (tune), goes on to explore and then return back to the same phrase before starting the charanam. This is really very interesting. I have compiled a list of such songs that I know. Do add any other similar songs that I might have missed out.
  1. Idhazhil Kadhai Ezhudhum - Unnal Mudiyum Thambi
    Notice the first BGM
  2. Ellorum Sollum Paatu - Marubadiyum
    Again notice the first BGM
  3. Oh Butterfly - Meera
    The strings section in the first BGM
  4. Enavendru Solvadhama - Rajakumaaran
    The guitar+flute dual piece in the first BGM
  5. Kuyil Paatu (happy) - En Raasavin Manasile
    Both the first and the second interludes
Here is an audio with all the above interludes. Click on the play button to start playing.


Hope you liked it. If you remember more such numbers do add them in the comments.

UPDATE: Refer a new version of this clip at


  1. Ramesh - ODEO link is not working atleast its not playing the song when i tried..
    I agree that there a many IR songs which travels elsewhere n returns to the beginning of the song as it it never left anywhere in the first place!

  2. hi

    ODEO is not working. u may check with espin or some other mp3 hosting thing.

    let me check the rest and tell u.

  3. Thanks Ajitha and Adiya for pointing this out. I will replace the link.

    Yes Ajitha, you are very much right. In this post I was referring to just the interludes alone.

  4. If you are interested in such details of can check out

    Sonata posts interludes of songs and quizes the bloggers daily on tamil songs...its awesome and you may like it.

  5. All song are very nice. Who is the actor for Ellorum Sollum Paatt I think Aravindhswamy?

  6. Thanks Ravee. Yes it is aravindhswamy.

  7. Very interesting observation.. I have also observed that he goes to places in interludes but finally ends with the note to hand over beautifully to Charanam.

    Did you observe that he has used in many songs Guitar for the end notes? Or am I wrong?

  8. Hi emjay, thanks for dropping by. Yes you are right.