Recent inspired songs

Recently I came across two songs heavily inspired from other songs.

1. "Silu Silukkum Silmishi" from "Chennai Kadhal" very much reminds me of "Alai Alai" from "Boys". Though it is not the same tune, the phrase looks similar to "Egiri Kudithen". The rhythm pattern, sounds used and the tune in the interlude also looks similar. Don't know why an upcoming music director who had shown promise in the film "Kadhal" should do it this way.

2. “Orugalluke Pilla Pilla” from the Telugu film "Sainikudu" sounds very much like "Chaiyya Chaiyya" from "Dil Se". The feel, the voices, the rhythm patterns, all sound similar to the one from Dil Se / Uyire. I can even imagine the producer / director requesting Harris Jayaraj to create a song similar to "Chaiyya Chaiyya". OK, this is my assumption, but I think that is the way it works in film industry. But this song along with other songs in the album has become a huge hit. So who do you think can be credited with the success of this song?

Copying songs can broadly be classified into two types - intentional and unintentional.

When you intentionally copy and compose songs similar to the original, then it is intentional copying.

Sometimes, one will compose a simple tune, but it would have already been composed in the past. And in some cases, the new composer would not have heard of the original itself. Or it would have been in his subconscious mind and would have come out as a new tune. As the number of songs composed keeps growing over the years, the number of simple and unique tunes not yet composed automatically decreases. So there is a greater chance of unintentional repetition. The first line of the song "Collegukku povom" from "Kovil" resembles "Kamban enna aanan" from "Jathi Malli" I think. The first line is plain simple and I believe this is a case of unintentional similarity.

Let me know your views.


  1. Ushoo.. after a long gap ur comming up with a post. good good.

    1. Chennai Kadhal sounds similir and probably that kind of pattern is in Parijtham also( correct me if i am wrong ). Unnai Kanadeen is the song.

    2. exactly its a direct lift from Dilse.

    Wish you a very happy and prosperus new year.

  2. Hi Adiya,

    Wish you a very Happy New Year !

    I don't think the Chennai Kadhal song is similar to the Parijtham one. I will listen to it again and let you know.

    I don't get much time these days to blog. That is why I post very rarely. Glad that you are following my blog.


  3. Anonymous4:14 AM

    just a slight modification in my point 1 statement.
    unnai kanaden( Parijtham song ) uses the Alai alai pattern.

    in the sense male singer sings fast and female singer sings slow kind.. thats is what i intereprated.. correct me if i am wrong

  4. In Unnai Kandane song, what you say is correct, but I doubt the same in Alai Alai song. I may be wrong too.

  5. The Chennai Kadhal song is exact remake of ARR's song unakku 20 yenakku 18..the song "Asathura Asathura"

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