Vizhiyadhu Mazhaiyinil - Original Song

I released my next original song this week. This song has been in the making for quite a few months.

This is a song about a person admiring and describing the cuteness of a baby crying. My colleague wrote this as a poem and I set the tune for that poem and arranged the music. This is the first time I am attempting to set the tune for a lyric and I am pleased with the result.

Do listen to this song and share your feedback.

Note: You can turn on the subtitles to view the lyrics along with the video.

Lyrics: Chandru Kutty
Music: Sripathy Ramesh
Vocals: Srivatsan Gopaladesikan, Vijayalakshmi Venkataraman
Baby's cry: Baby Shreyathi Sai

I intended to compose this song in the scale of Hindolam raga. In the 2nd interlude alone, during the aariro portions, I deivated a bit and used Ga3 instead of Ga2 of Hindolam. We get a raga called Sallabham/Surya. Then the song returns back to Hindolam.

I also tried a aariro backing to the lead aariro trying to create a harmony with just 2 notes (Sa and Dha for the most part) in the backing.

Do listen to this song and leave your comments.

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