Mudhan Mudhalai - My first full-fledged song

Here is my first full-fledged song which I composed more than 6 years ago. I am uploading it for public listening only now. Listen to it and share your feedback on the comments section.

All those involved were my colleagues. It was more like a home recording.

Mudhan Mudhalai - v1

This arrangement is the version that was done initially.

Music: Sripathy Ramesh | Lyrics: Kudiyarasan | Vocals: Srivatsan and Vijayalakshmi
Guitar: Sriram E | Drums: Rajesh G

Mudhan Mudhalai - v2

Later, I wanted to try a different arrangement to this song using the same vocals. Here is the result:

Music: Sripathy Ramesh | Lyrics: Kudiyarasan | Vocals: Srivatsan and Vijayalakshmi
Flute: Dilip | Guitar: Sriram E

Do share your feedback on the different version of the songs posted above. Which one did you like better?

Bonus Track - Sad Instrumental

This is a sad instrumental version of the Mudhan Mudhalai humming which you would have heard in the first version.

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  1. Good Try. Yet I would say you could have bettered it by now.

    1. Thank you Raghavan. I didn't invest time in bettering it now.