East West Symphonic Orchestra VST Deal

If you are into music production / composing, then you might be interested in this. East West Symphonic Orchestra from Sounds Online is one of the best orchestral VSTs around I believe.


They are currently having a 50% off deal for all their products on account of their 25th anniversary. This is there for around 6 months I think. Now since yesterday up till May 31st, they offer an additional $50 off (coupon code: MEMORIAL2013) for purchases above $200. I just ordered a Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition. You might want to make use of this deal if you already had plans of purchasing one of those Orchestral VSTs.

Other notable orchestral VSTs:

1) Miroslav Philharmonik from IK Multimedia - starts at 24 euros with the full version at 120 euros.

2) Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 - $150, Garritan Instant Orchestra - $180

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