Ilaiyaraaja's Cyclic Interludes

About 5 years back, I posted 6 of Ilaiyaraaja's cyclic interludes in this blog. By cyclic interlude, I am referring to an interlude (or prelude) which starts with a specific phrase, then meanders around and then returns to that same phrase before starting the charanam (or  pallavi).

I then noticed 7 other songs with similar pattern. So I compiled all 13 of them into a single track starting from the oldest (as per the release date). This technique/pattern has been used by Ilaiyaraaja even recently in a song from Dhoni. Go ahead and listen to the cyclic interludes below:

Here are the songs featured in the above track:
  1. Idhazhil Kadhai from Unnal Mudiyum Thambi
  2. Sivarathiri from Michael Madhana Kama Rajan
  3. Kuyil Paatu (Happy) from En Raasavin Manasile
  4. Kuyil Paatu (Sad) from En Raasavin Manasile
  5. Povoma from Chinna Thambi
  6. Oh Butterfly from Meera
  7. Ellorum Sollum Paatu from Marubadiyum
  8. Ennavendru Solvadhama from Raajakumaaran
  9. Piraye from Pithamagan
  10. Ilaimaikku Oru from Oru Naal Oru Kanavu
  11. Malle Puvvu from Malle Puvvu
  12. Yaarum Thodatha from Ajantha
  13. Vaangum Panathukkum from Dhoni
And as an experiment, here is another version after excluding the music in between the repeating phrases. Even though the interlude is shortened, you won't find the flow missing. Listen to the first clip posted above and then listen to the one below.

There could be more such songs. If you come across any other song, leave a comment.


  1. excellent research .hats off mite.

  2. This is an excellent interpretation of His music for every second. This compilation is something uncommon & truly appreciable :-) Have a good one!

    Raaja rules ♪

  3. the drums in kaatukuyil paatu solla from chinna mapillai... it is cyclical in the sense that it comes during the start of the pallavi and again comes during the pallavi lines before 2 interlude and the end of the song.

  4. Great Sripathy.Good find of Raja"s another facet.

  5. u have mentioned idhazhil kadhai ezhudhum as the first such song..actually he has used it previously too. like in pogudhe pogudhe from kadalora kavidhaigal. maybe even earlier..

  6. New kamal, Ravishankar and Naarayanan: Thanks a lot for your comments.

    Naarayanan: Thanks for sharing that link. Yes, Pogudhe Pogudhe also has similar pattern and so does the 2nd interlude of Pottu vaitha oru vatta nila as pointed by you. I will update these later in the post.

  7. annan enna thambi enna from dharmadurai 1 interlude.

  8. Good insights Ramesh! Keep rocking :) BTB, this is a prelude from one of my songs. I didn't use it as a trick. That's how I felt it :)