Oora Therinjukitten - Cover Version

Here is our cover version of the song Oora Therinjukitten, which was originally composed by Ilaiyaraaja for the film Padikkadhavan.

Singer: Srivatsan
Karaoke Track, Recording, Mixing: Sripathy Ramesh
Video, Editing: Anbu Chezhian
(Thanks to Aravindhan for some additional video clips)

Listen to it and let us know your feedback.

On a related note, don't miss our earlier cover of the song:
Andhi Mazhai from Raajapaarvai.


  1. Ramesh,

    very nice.. especially the Base guitar and the bells sounds great. I feel that adding some more instruments like strigns could have added more value. I expected your keyboard performance in the video :) ..overall neat job

  2. Thank you Soundar for your feedback!

  3. Hi Ramesh,

    I am Jaganathan from Salem. I am going to learn playing piano by myself. Could you please, let me know that which brand keyboard i need to buy[Rs 5000 is my budget] and please give me[jaganathan.eswaran[at]gmail.com] any course material if you have.


  4. Good work Ramesh. Keep it up!

  5. Thank you Naani.

    Jaganathan, for your budget you can go with Casio models.

  6. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Good work! BTW what's the raga of this song? Is it vakulabharanam?

  7. Anonymous11:26 PM

    On the raga.. I assumed a start from ma. But it is possibly a sa start.. so the raga is probaby keeravani?

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, it is predominantly Keeravani. The song starts at Sa (with a glide from lower Pa). However there are a few anya swarams too like the smaller Nishadham.