Recently I have been following few other blogs which I have added it to my Blogroll on the right.

Kumars Planet is by Kumar, who is a Sound Engineer-Musician residing in Bangalore. He posts interesting musical quizzes on his blog, mostly on tamil film music. He also does some interesting remixes and recreates the orchestration of existing songs.

7 Swara is by Emjay. He mostly writes posts on Ilaiyaraaja and his music. Interesting to read.

I started a new blog sometime back to post my favorite interludes in songs. Will try to keep it alive by posting frequently. They are also linked to on the right side under the heading "song bgms that i like".

I have also added my twitter updates on the right hand side of my blog under the heading "what I am doing". You can find my updates there or on twitter.

Regarding the Remix contest by ARR, I submitted my entry earlier this week. The deadline was extended till 15th of this month. They don't display the entries uploaded because of copyright issues that might arise in the competition. Also the Intellectual Property Rights of all submitted entries rests with Nokia. So, right now I am not posting my remix entries on my blog. But may be after the competition I might post it.


  1. Same pinch!

    I have been thinking about starting a blog for positng interlueds but not getting it materialized!!! :(

  2. yeah i started a blog on that, but finding it difficult to update it frequently as I don't get much free time.