Duet Music

I was watching Actor/Producer Prakash Raj's TV interview on Pongal. He was talking about his newly launched label "Duet Music". He wants to create a platform where musicians (other than those related to films) can showcase their talent. Music albums is not yet popular in south and it seems he wants to encourage such albums and also form a business around it. As Prakash Raj mentioned in an interview:
“In another three years I wish to make music a buoyant, thriving industry, independent of cinema. The thought made me float Duet Music as a label for talents. Unlike places like Punjab where the art is celebrated, most of us have an ear only for film-oriented stuff. A capable flautist or sitar player warrants a showcase too. Duet will do it,”
Duet Music recently released its maiden audio, the songs from the yet to be released movie, "Vellithirai". In an unique move, he also released the karaoke versions of the songs in the movie, so that people can sing along with it.

I think this is a welcome move by Prakash Raj. His "Duet Movies" already identifies good scripts, new directors and encourages them.


  1. Interesting. I too wish music doesn't feed itself by cinema and wish more album culture. BTB, Ramesh, do you have any plans to go out for an album?

  2. Come on Jerald, that is a long way to go ! :)

  3. it is a long way - agreed. but guess not too far :)

  4. cool ramesh, saw ur blogs, they look great! keep it up!