Poongathave - Remastered?

I heard the wonderful "Poongathave Thaazh Thiravai" song (based on the mayamalavagowlai scale) from Nizhalgal twice over the last week on FM. It seems someone has digitally remastered the song. I have heard the original song on my computer, but this one sounded different. The prelude strings are slightly different, the chords are very much audible through out the song, the thavil sound at the end of the prelude changed. Please note that the notes / orchestration hasn't changed, just that it sounds different. The voices and most of the instruments seems to be the same.

And again in the second interlude, when the solo violin is played, a guitar arpeggio is heard. And this one completely drowns the wonderful counter melody in flute which can be heard in the original song. Does anyone know what notes are played in the flute melody along with the solo violin. I am not able to match the ending notes with any particular note / key. It seems to be deliberately off key, but doesn't sound so.

Have you heard this new version of the song?


  1. This is from a new album of Raaja's hits sold by SaReGaMa recordings. It is 13 of his tracks redone. The vocals are original; however, the strings and drums, tabla and "extras" have been re-recorded on top of the original... the music is exactly what was originally intended by Raaja sir, but in some cases (such as poongathave) could not be achieved due to technological limitations of the time.

    the cd is amazing, and has WONDERFUL songs...



  2. Thanks Vivek for the info. Do you know the name of the album? What songs are included in it?

  3. Yesterday I listened to "Yen Iniya Pon Nilave" on radio, and that sounded like it was remastered. It was well done and the chords were more audible. Wonderful chord changes, typical of IR.

  4. Nice to see that there is some proper remastering done!