Unnai Kandane Muthal Murai Naan

For the past 1 week, I keep listening to this song frequently on Radio. It is a song from Parijatham - "Unnai Kandane". It is a beautiful soft song. This is the Bhagyaraj's film in which her daughter is acting. Music is by someone called Dharan. I haven't heard of him before, but has done a great job in this song. This song seems to be set in minor scale. Lots of harmonies are added in the female portions and that elevates the song. It has been sung by Haricharan (Remember Thottu Thottu Ennai?) and Shruthi. I don't which shruthi is this, but at first the voice seemed like Bhavatharini. Don't forget to listen to that song in the link above and post your comments on the song.


  1. Hi. Came here from your mail..:-)
    Haricharan is my classmate...:-).. Known him since 5th std..:-)..

  2. Thats cool. Heard Sun TV's Sapthaswarangal got him the break.

  3. Anonymous1:09 AM

    hi....can u send me the video of the unnai kandane song....

  4. Anonymous1:10 AM

    hi...can u send me the vidoe of the unnai kandane song..to


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by. I don't have the video of the song. If you are in Tamil Nadu, you can probably watch the Parijatham film after it launches.


  6. Stumbled upon your blog while searching for "Unnai Kandane Shruthi" in google. Am listening to this song very frequently like you yaani.... I love this song... just mesmerizing me... esp shruthi's voice...

  7. Anonymous11:54 PM


  8. Thanks Karthy for dropping by. Yes it is a very beautiful song. One of my recent favorites.

  9. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I am in love with this song for a while now, but cant figure out who the female singer is.

    who is she? has a great voice.

  10. Anon, I think it is some singer called shruthi. Don't know the details.

  11. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Shruthi's debut song was Unnai Kandene, she sang this song for her friend, music director Dharan's movie Paarijatham. She has not sung many songs professionally.
    Source-She is a friend of mine.

  12. Anonymous7:05 AM

    What other songs has she sung?

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      She is in US. Settled there. She is my friend's wife. She sung amma wake me up song from vathikuchi movie also (with Anitha)