Ding Dong Kovil Mani

Have you heard "Ding Dong Kovil Mani" song from "Ji"? It is a beautiful composition by Vidyasagar. In this song, almost all the instruments seem to have a longer sustain, giving a sort of eerie effect. In the charanam an extra percussion layer of Dhols is added over the western drums giving a nice sound. This beat is similar to "Kurukku Siruthavalae" from Muthalvan.

Interestingly, this is set in a not-so-common rasikapriya raaga, which is the 72nd melakartha ragam, which is why I thought of blogging this. Arohanam is S R3 G3 M2 P D3 N3 S and avaraohanam is S N3 D3 P M2 G3 R3 S. Any other songs in this scale?


  1. Dear Ramesh,

    PLs chek this:


  2. Hi Murali,

    Thanks for dropping by and also for pointing to my blog. Sure I will listen to that and get back to you. So you are a part of blogswara? You guys are doing a great job.