Summa Nachchunnu Irukku

No, this is not about Thamizh Murasu. Heard a song from Pudhukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan on radio yesterday. It is a 'kuthu' song - "Naatusarakku nachchunuthaan irukku" sung by Dhanush himself.

Let me tell you upfront that I HATE this song. May be because of the lyrics or may be because of the tune or whatever. Generally kuthu songs make one dance instantly due to the fast nature of the beats (6/8 is generally faster than 4/4). And actually now a days there are a lot of kuthu songs being composed in Tamil films, most of them relying solely on the dhabankuthu beats, and not all succeed. So in addition to the rhythm, a good melody(??#!!?@!) ingredient is also needed, I guess.

Actually, this song is in the scale of Shanmugapriya raagam. Dhanush does a fair job in singing in scale. It is really tough, believe me, for a person who is not a natural / trained singer to sing correctly in scale. Interestingly, the tunes of the 3rd and 4th lines of this song (enna size-u ithu...) is exactly the same as one of the interludes of "Ooru vittu ooru vandhu" song from Karakaatakaaran. It is also in the same shanmugapriya ragam, but much much better. Yuvan seems to be influenced by his dad's music - like a small part in the theme music of 7G RC resembling the theme music from Johnny.

Speaking of Yuvan, Dhanush and 7G, 'Pudhupettai' audio is launching today I guess. Yuvan seems to save the best for Selvaraghavan and we can expect good music from them. And as usual, they would probably release a seperate OST album after everyone buys the Cassettes / CDs. And there would also be people to buy both. I myself bought kaadhal konden cassette first and then bought it once again (just for that 'thathi thathi' song) after some 4 bit songs were added and released seperately.

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